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Racism and Our Republic

Racism and Our Republic offers a counter-narrative to the myths of infallible founding fathers and their original intent with a historical analysis of the Constitution as flawed from its inception. Madden explores the roots of American slavery in racism and how the founders—men who owned slaves and profited from their labor—codified it at the Constitutional Convention. The Constitution protected slavery and limited popular government. The Civil War abolished slavery but failed to address the root of the problem—racism. Through decisions of the Supreme Court, obstruction by the Senate, and presidential neglect, racism remained the law of the land. Madden explores how racism continues to dominate politics and how the legacy of a Constitution that recognized slavery and racism now imperils what democracy is left in America. The book is an engaging and accessible account of the death of Madison’s republic and the transformation of politics in the United States.


Work-in-Progress. If interested in learning more  about my forthcomong book, please leave me a message on my contact page.


Representation by Jill Swenson, Swenson Book Development LLC.