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The Constitution and American Racism: Setting a Course for Lasting Injustice

Racism has permeated the workings of the U.S. Constitution since ratification. At the 1787 Constitutional Convention, supporters of slavery ensured it was protected by rule of law. The federal government upheld slavery until it was abolished by the Civil War; then supported the South's Jim Crow power structure. From Reconstruction through the Civil Rights Era until today, veneration of the Constitution has not prevented lynching, segregation, voter intimidation or police brutality against people of color. The Electoral College--a Constitutional accommodation for slaveholding aristocrats who feared popular government--has twice in 20 years given the presidency to the candidate who lost the popular vote. This book describes how pernicious flaws in the Constitution, included to legalize profiting from human bondage, perpetuate systemic racism, economic inequality and the subversion of democracy.


"highly recommended…. Anybody concerned about civil rights, government power and process, and the ongoing and even strengthening rule of racist attitudes and systems in the U.S. needs to read this book, which ideally will be part of any civil rights or civic studies discussion."―Midwest Book Review


How a minority -- white wealthy men -- continue to tyrannize the majority remains a pressing issue today. This book offers an explanation of how from the inception of this country the system of jurisprudence presumed white supremacy. A closer reading of the "original intent" of our founding fathers turns the arguments of The Federalist Society on their heads and reveals the inherent flaws traced from Madison's Factions through the Fugitive Slave Acts to the Civil War and beyond. Emancipation may have stopped slavery, but racism remains alive and well. This factual counter-narrative to the whitewash about the sanctity of the US Constitution as the only blueprint for building democracy offers readers an eye-opening jaw-dropping review of the past and offers arguments for elimination of the Electoral College and ending voter suppression.


Representation by Jill Swenson, Swenson Book Development LLC.

The Constitution and American Racism: Setting a Course for Lasting Injustice